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Soul Searching / Understanding  Life

Cause and Purpose of Writing this Film

The death toll of drug overdose is currently at it’s highest rate (ending lives more frequently than car accidents). Drug addiction is destroying our communities. Almost every person in our generation has been touched by drug addiction in some way, including each of our own.

Most people will be surprised to hear that some substances that we currently consider to be recreational drugs can also be used to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain with minimal effects on the body. We hope to promote the understanding that, if these mind-altering drugs are done in the right way, they can have a profound affects on our lives.

Recently this awareness has been spreading at astounding rates within the medical community and we hope to ride the wave into the mainstream mindset, reaffirming the undeniable studies that are being done in favor of psychedelic science.

Release Plan

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Why Should You Invest/Or be Involved?

We have the ability to raise awareness around the flaws of Big Pharma.

We can give the youth their right to knowledge, feeding off their preexisting curiosities, and answer their questions, easing their fear of repercussions for questioning the status quo.

We have a unique project that will draw a large audience of people who are looking for change.

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