Our Mission

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  • Help those who suffer from PTSD, chronic pain, and depression understand the latest in the science of addiction, psychedelic therapy, and pain management.
  • Promote the idea that psychedelic drugs are non-habit forming and, when combined with therapy, can be more effective than conventional treatments alone.
  • Raise awareness about the role of traditional pharmaceutical drugs in America, and highlight their responsibility for the current epidemic of opioid overdose-related deaths.
  • To create an innovative genre that is dissimilar to both the “stoner” comedies as well as the “drugs are bad” propaganda films.
  • To build empathy and avoid judgement—embracing a new tone when discussing drug use and addiction by presenting them as complex social issues rather than bringing up personal failings or moral transgressions.
  • To educate viewers about the history of the “War on Drugs”, reminding movie-goers that research involving psychedelic drugs was banned for political rather than scientific reasons.
  • To confront viewers with the risks involved in using drugs recreationally and without supervision from a medical professional.